Goofy is dog character created in 1932. He is a close friend to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

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Goofy is probably most main flaw, is clumsiness. Goofy's family life contrasts with other major Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck , who are always shown only as uncles rather than parental figures. He is very caring for his friends and almost never gets angry at anytime nor place unlike his pal, Donald Duck.

Roles in FandomEdit

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The Revival of the House of MouseEdit

After years of the long shutdown of The House of Mouse; Mickey reopens the House of Mouse, Goofy and the rest of the team starts to work there again. Goofy continues his job as the title club's head waiter. He appears as a main character just like the original show.

The Easter PrizeEdit

Goofy is going to appear in the full-length spring feature. He will be the tritagonist of the film helping Mickey and Pluto alongside.