Mickey Mouse normalMickey Mouse is an animated anthropomorphic mouse created by Walt Disney.

by far Disney's most famous character, Mickey serves as the mascot for The Walt Disney Company.

Mickey is often cited as the world's most beloved cartoon character. Mickey is easily recognized by his red shorts with white polka dots, white gloves and large yellow shoes as well as his round mouse ears.

Roles in Fandom WikiEdit

Mickey is one the most extremely popular characters to appear in Disney Fanfictions. These are all fanfictions and all episode fanfiction series he appears in on this fandom wiki.

The Revival of the House of MouseEdit

In the 2012 revival, Mickey is the still the owner of the popular night club in Downtown Main Street. It is revealed he has reopened the club and has began a new start. There is also planned to be a spin-off feature fanfiction of how the club shut down years before. In the series, Mickey mainly still strives to keep the club profitable to keep safe from the landlord, Pete, while making sure himself is entertaining.

The Easter PrizeEdit

Mickey Mouse is planned to appear as the secondary protagonist.